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 Devil's Dalliance - An Animanga Supernatural RP

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PostSubject: Devil's Dalliance - An Animanga Supernatural RP   Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:40 pm

The Apocalypse is coming - and the Old Gods won't take this laying down.

Azazel has set into motion his plan and the children cursed with demon blood have all come of age to begin their 'training'. His efforts did not go unnoticed though and the Gods of the Greek Pantheon have set their own plan in motion. Children born both of human and god - demigods - have been trained with one goal now: find each of the cursed children and end them before the Apocalypse can be started.

Of course, the demons - and the angels - might have their own thoughts about this...

DD - Cookiechan
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Devil's Dalliance - An Animanga Supernatural RP
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