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 I wonder, Hmm

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PostSubject: I wonder, Hmm   Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:04 pm

Hey guys, One more photo from manifest I has to show you guys, or two more photos... Just wondering, but does this cosplayer look familier at all

Maybe this might give you more of a hint

*cough* Tsuki *Cough*

O.o wait a minute, my evil blood lusting character is real ._. don't know wheather to be happy or terriefied

Hahaha yeah My friend ended up dressing as her, doesn't she look awesome, but i believe she could have made her expression more evil, meh it ish still awesome.... I actually think the picture i took for tsuki might actually be a character in a manga or anime... Any idea which one???
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I wonder, Hmm
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